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Fly-by Aury Australia’s new facility

Aury Australia are proud to present a short video of our newly built main assembly factory located in Rutherford, NSW. This video is designed to provide you and our clients with a virtual tour of our factory to showcase our capabilities as a business.

Our purpose-built facility is designed to efficiently assemble all our mineral processing equipment including vibrating screens, centrifuges, exciters. An integral part of our business is to offer our clients a department that is dedicated to rebuilding exciters and centrifuges. Our facility is also fitted with an in-house painting booth, a screen test bed for Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT), an exciter test station and a large stores/warehouse. This facility is home to our Australian head office and the base for our NSW service team.

Our video exhibits some Aury vibrating screens fitted with our own screen media awaiting dispatch to a valued customer in Queensland, as well as some high frequency screens also on their way to Queensland for a separate project.

This facility is going to be replicated in Perth to cater for our ever-increasing sales of vibrating screens and screen media to customers in Western Australia in September 2021.

Aury Australia are committed to our customers with plans to expand our warehouse to increase spare parts availability and productivity. We have also recently increased our product offering to include slurry pumps and plate frame filter presses that will be supported from this facility.

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