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At Aury, we’re committed to the pursuit of absolute operational efficiency. We pride ourselves on being the leading mineral processing equipment and service provider with a global footprint in Australia, Asia, North America and Africa. Our team is made up of industry experts and professionals, focused on advanced technology, practical output,
and customer satisfaction.

Following world's best practice, using innovative proven designs, Aury Australia takes advantage of the economies provided by large-scale Chinese production from our ISO-9001 accredited sister company, Aury (Tianjin), with the aid and assistance of technical know-how developed in Australia.

Aury Australia is staffed by both experienced and professional personnel that boasts over 180 years of service to both the Australian and Global mining markets.

Aury also has a sound research and design capability, backed up by the technical expertise of a number of engineers who have been dedicated to working with vibration technology within the mining sector. At Aury our design engineers think outside the square to provide traditional vibrating technology with leading edge thinking and design techniques to produce innovative capital equipment that is superior to anything found within the market today.

Our principal office and workshop is a 2000m² facility in the Hunter Region, Rutherford, in New South Wales, Australia.


As a vertically integrated engineering group, DADI Engineering has been constantly ranked No. 1 among all the engineering firms serving the coal industry in China since 2007. The company has designed and built hundreds of large-scale coal mines and materials handling projects. DADI is the No.1 brand in China’s coal industry, especially in the CHPP (Coal Handling and Preparation Plant) sector. Adapting to changing market conditions and technologies, DADI has been diversifying itself while maintaining its competitive advantages of the core business.

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