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Aury win big in Mackay

Sunday June 6th: The Aury Australia Mackay branch completed the BMA Mackay Marina run, a 5km Corporate challenge. The 5km corporate challenge is a great opportunity for groups to raise much needed funds for the Leukemia Foundation. Teams are encouraged to fundraise within their workplace, group or school. There is friendly rivalry between teams to fundraise and make a difference in the lives of those with blood cancer.

Knowing the team’s greatest strength isn’t fitness we opted to go for best dressed. Donning red Tutu’s, red wigs and face paint in our Aury uniforms we set off to complete the run. Matt Collins, Jamie Lowien and Hayden Sparks headed up front to give us a fighting chance in a good time.

Below are the results of the day:

Matt Collins completed the race first in a time 23.45,

Jamie Lowien came in second with a time of 28.57

Hayden Sparks, after a quick spew n go at the 2km mark, came in with a time of 36.06. Hayden has decided pre workout beers isn’t a good idea!

Jerremy Mann put in a solid effort with a time of 43.32

Dusty Sinnamon took off running after chatting with the girls for 2.5km, brought It home with a 47.34.

The mum club, Danielle and Tiarne hung at back with the cool kids and commentated the race. Matt Collins’s daughter made us break a sweat crossing the line in 51.08.

After the race was done it was clear who the best dressed contenders were. Aury was in the lead!! After waiting for what seemed like forever to hear the actual results of the runner’s, we waited to hear the results of the best dressed. This was our time to shine. They called it, AURY AUSTRALIA wins the BEST DRESSED. Out of 4000 runners, and 172 Teams, we were the BEST!

Congratulations team.

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