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Aury Australia partner with Zhang Gu to provide slurry pumps

Aury Australia are pleased to announce our global partnership with ZHANG GU. The company is one of the largest fluid machinery manufacturers in China with over 50 years of R&D and production experience.

Aury are very excited to supply the TZJ series slurry pumps to our local customers. The TZJ series equipped with the patented mechanical seal technology which can largely reduce the maintenance demand.

Also, we offer our local customers with the state-of-the-art pump monitoring technology for:

  1. Real-time monitoring of pump status, accurately collecting and analyzing all the operational data of the pump, to achieve unattended operation;

  2. Early warning and diagnosis of hidden faults; preventing equipment from unplanned downtime;

  3. Accurately tracing and analyzing the cause of equipment failure, providing a strong basis for further optimization;

  4. Statistical analysis of equipment parts operation cycle, to achieve accurate allocation of spare parts, improving equipment availability.

Heading up the new venture for Aury Australia is Lyndon Bevan who comes with 30+ years’ experience in the mining industry, primarily in the slurry pump field. Lyndon can be contacted by emailing

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