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Aury unveil new aperture design

Aury Australia are proud to unveil a new aperture design for their high-quality polyurethane screen media. Named the ADB panel, it is currently available in the 0.50mm aperture size and is a significant improvement over traditional and continuous slot panels, with additional sizes of 0.75mm and 1.00mm being available to the market in the near future. It is ideal for dewatering screens and at the rinse section of conventional D&R vibrating screens.

The ADB panel is a registered design of Aury Australia. The multi-faceted aperture design offers our customers:

1. An aperture thickness less than conventional poly slotted apertures which increases screen panel surface flexibility and the percentage of required throughput. The flexible surface allows the aperture to naturally “de-peg” and remain open meaning the designed screen open area is maintained even during operation.

No pressure applied Pressure applied

2. An aperture design that has a “with-flow” and “across-flow” capability in one panel

3. An aperture that significantly reduces material tracking between apertures meaning a higher material to aperture contact ratio

4. An aperture designed to provide more open area over the same sized traditional aperture.

5. An aperture design that allows each side-by-side opening to support themselves and not allow high course percentage passing

The best news…customers can benefit from the ADB panel regardless of the modular screen fixing system they use. Aury Australia can supply our screen media in the PIPO2, P-Loc and E-Lok fixing systems with a panel width of 610mm (585mm EA System) or 508mm (483mm EA System).

The ADB panel will provide higher dewatering and better rinsing, improving the recovery of magnetite and the superfine product in rich slurry. The panels are tested and proven for high wear life due to high quality Australian made urethane material that Aury Australia screen media is manufactured from.

Aury have tested the ADB panels in CHPP located in the Hunter Valley and Bowen Basin with great results.

Aury look forward to hearing from operators of dewatering and D&R Screens looking to improve their recoveries and improve profitability with a simple change to the Aury Dual Benefit screen panel. Contact Aury by emailing

About Aury Australia

Aury Australia is a dedicated progressive and innovative supplier of mining and mineral processing equipment such as vibrating screens, centrifuges, feeders etc. Aury Australia have a wide range of screen media including modular screen panels, centrifuge baskets, sieve bends, cross tensioned screen media, all available in polyurethane, steel and rubber.

Our equipment and consumables are back by our skilled service and installation teams.

Aury also service and supply spare parts, including exciters, for customers who use other equipment brands

Aury has operations in Australia, China, Africa and the United States, and we work with some of the largest mining companies in the world such as Anglo American, BHP, Glencore, Rio Tinto, Shenhua Energy, Peabody Energy, Vale, Yancoal, etc.

Please refer to our contact page found at

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